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Mary's Platform

Serving The Community

Mary  has been part of the 60B  community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.

United By A Common Goal

Mary knows the value of being connected. That's why I'm running for this position. Help me  help you.

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Leadership Experience

Experienced Mary Mellen- U of MN Graduate and Human Ecologist Contributes to Her Community. Mary Gets Results and Plays a Central Role in 60B….

 2000- Preserved Community Integrity. Rescued 1.3 Million in Funds Slated for the Cedar Riverside Area Community and Frozen by the City of Minneapolis When Fire Destroyed a Historic West Bank Landmark

· 2001- 2004 Governor Appointment State Citizen Commissioner to the MN Environmental Quality Board. An Advocate of MN Sustainable Energy: New Wind Energy Locations, Upgrading Existing Energy Power Line Grid Infrastructures and Solar Programs 

· 2002- 2004 State Service on the MN Water Quality Board Subcommittee. As Citizen Commissioner Promoted Safety Monitoring of MN Waters in Lakes and Water Drinking Fountains.

· 2008- Established $100,000 CRNRP Funding for Residents for Energy Upgrading with The Center for Energy & Environment. 

· 2014- Successfully Completed State Mandated Housing Criteria in Cedar Riverside Area- As CRNRP Chair of Housing, Economic Development and Infrastructure (HEDI) Mary Designed and Facilitated with the City Approved Contractor the Building and Sale of Four Townhomes on a Reclaimed Vacant Property in West Bank adjacent to Augsburg in the University District. 

· 2014- Saved $200,000 in Community Funds. Mary Requested a Review of Housing Developer’s Construction Contracts Which Resulted in a Savings of Over $200,000. Saved Funds were put back into Community CRNRP Programs funding the Women’s Development Program, the Upcoming 2018 Health and Wellness Pilot and the Youth &Young Adult Entrepreneurship Programs

· Supported LRT Green Line for Minneapolis Downtown, the University of MN and Business Districts

· Safety Advocate- Promotes All Aspects of Safety through Education and Participation. As Co-Chair of the University District Alliance Livability Committee for 7 years Mary Interacts with MPD, The University of MN and the City of MPLS Regulatory Services Raising Standards Preserving Neighborhoods in the 4 University District Areas around the U of MN with Residential Homes that coexist with Rental Property Owners and Management Companies in  the 60B Alliance 

· 2018- Serves Community Principles - As a Long Standing Resident Born and Raised in 60B and CRNRP President, Mary Listens to her Community and moves forward with Planning and Growth Programs for Residents with Parks and River Trails, Educational Park Peace Gardens, Sustainable Energy, Preserving River Wildlife, Renovating Infrastructures, Helping Businesses, Advocating for “Safe”Afforable Housing, Senior Housing Developments- Multicultural and Alumni and Broadened Educational Programs   


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